Tamm’s Human Frontier Science Grant Award

Dr. Lukas Tamm’s 4-nation, 3-continent team has been awarded a Human Frontier Science Program (HSGP) research grant on “Molecular pattern of influenza virus envelope adaptation to interspecies transmission” for 3 years, starting this summer. Along with the Tamm Lab, Kai Grunewald (Oxford University), Michael Veit (Humboldt University in Berlin), and Markus Wenk (National University in Singapore) will investigate how avian flu, which transmits through fecal-oral transmission, adapts to different environmental conditions in airborne human transmission. UVa is the parent institution for this grant. The process was highly competitive. Out of about 900 applicants, only 61 (7%) were invited to submit a full proposal. Twenty-one of the 61 (top 2-2.5% overall) were awarded.