Avril V. Somlyo, Ph.D.

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Telephone: 434-982-0825
Address: Molecular Physiology
and Biological Physics
University of Virginia
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Charlottesville, VA 22908

Research Description

The molecular mechanisms of excitation-contraction coupling, contractile regulation and the basis of contraction in mammalian smooth and cardiac muscle in normal and pathological states are long-term interests of our laboratory. We are currently working on a signal transduction pathway in smooth muscle, which is activated when physiological transmitters or drugs bind to cell membrane receptors and lead to a marked increase in the sensitivity of the contractile proteins to calcium (Ca2+-sensitization). We have found that this G-protein-coupled process, which operates under physiological conditions, inhibits myosin light chain phosphatase, resulting in an increased population of phosphorylated (activated), cycling myosin motors. The phosphatase is a trimeric complex with a 130 kDa subunit which targets the activity to myosin. Current biochemical and molecular biological studies are directed to establishing the messengers between the membrane receptors/G-proteins and the myosin-associated phosphatase, as well as elucidating the mechanism of inhibition of the enzyme. The small G-protein RhoA and Rho-kinase, which can phosphorylate and inhibit myosin phosphatase, participate in this signaling cascade in muscle and non-muscle cells. This same pathway modulates cell migration, and we are exploring its role in angiogenesis and in tumor cell metastasis. Rho signaling likely plays a role in the migration of smooth muscle cells during post-angioplasty restenosis. Biochemical and molecular biological techniques and physiological studies of permeabilized smooth muscle cells are used to identify the signaling molecules and their targets, as well as cross-talk among various other signaling pathways. Photolysis of caged compounds are used to determine the kinetics of various steps in these signaling cascades.

Transgenic and knockout mice are used to elucidate the role of telokin, a molecule found in small–but not large–blood vessels. We have found that telokin is phosphorylated upon cyclic nucleotide-induced relaxation. Recombinant telokin added back to telokin-depleted muscles produces a profound relaxation and dephosphorylation of myosin light chains. We are testing the hypothesis that it functions by activating myosin phosphatase. A myosin light chain kinase deletion mouse, embryonic lethal at 14 days P.C., is under study to determine the role of MLCK in the development of the vasculature and heart.

Fig: Smooth muscle myosin molecules imaged by cryoatomic force microscopy (in collaboration with Dr. Zhifeng Shao's laboratory) showing the 2 heads with associated light chains and the coiled-coil tail.

Another focus in our laboratory is the mapping of subcellular calcium distribution and handling in cardiac muscle during physiological stimuli and calcium overload. Electron probe X-ray microanalysis is used to determine and image, at high spatial resolution, elemental distributions within cardiac muscle organelles and membranes. Intracellular chloride accumulation and subcellular elemental distribution were determined by in situ freezing of atria during atrial fibrillation. We are particularly interested in the affinity of mitochondria for calcium during normal systole and diastole and in the role of calcium binding to intercalated disks and gap junctions during cardiac arrhythmias. We are currently studying the role of Ca binding to cadherins at intercalated disks which we propose to be a specialized compartment involved in abnormal conduction.

Contraction in smooth muscle, mediated by interactions between actin filaments and crossbridges on adjacent myosin filaments, is triggered by the rise in cytoplasmic calcium and consequent phosphorylation of the 20 kDa light chains of myosin. The crossbridges are the motors that utilize ATP as an energy source for the generation of force and work. The kinetics of this motor and its modulation in muscle are characterized in our laboratory by using photolysis of caged nucleotides, caged Ca2+ and caged Bapta and monitoring force and stiffness transients. We use a new, fluorescently labeled, genetically engineered mutant of a bacterial phosphate-binding protein or a fluorescent MgADP to follow the kinetic relationship between force development and phosphate or ADP release respectively from the ATP binding pocket of the crossbridge following photolysis of caged ATP. The rationale for studying crossbridge kinetics in permeabilized fibers, rather than in solutions of purified proteins, is that the biological ATPase cycle is modulated by the physical strain on the crossbridges. Current efforts are toward determining the role of strain and phosphorylation on ADP affinity and its potential role in the maintenance of high force at low ATPase activity, a characteristic of the high economy of energy usage by smooth muscle. Our goal for these studies is to understand the fundamental properties of the crossbridge motors, their differences and their regulation in fast and in slowly contracting smooth muscles.

The long-term aim of our work is to provide insights into the abnormalities of disease states involving smooth muscle, such as hypertension, post angioplasty restenosis, coronary artery disease, angiogenesis and asthma.

Techniques in Use: Laser flash photolysis of caged compounds, electron microscopy, X-ray microprobe analysis, confocal microscopy, permeabilized cell assays, biochemical methods for the isolation and identification of signaling molecules, recombinant protein production, 2-hybrid screens, RNA interference.

Selected Publications:

Legend: Confocal image of gastrointestinal smooth muscle cells of the ileum into which fluorescent heparin, a blocker of inositol trisphosphate Ca2+-release, has been introduced by a reversible permeabilization protocol in order to evaluate the role of this pathway in agonist-induced contractions of intact muscle. Fluorescent heparin is seen in the cytoplasm of the cells as well as bound to the nuclei.

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